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Established in 2006 in San Jose, CA, Law Offices of Phuong Kim Nguyen's mission is to help our clients navigate the complex world of the law and related matters. Committed to providing the best service possible, our attorneys work closely together as a determined team of professionals who combine their knowledge and skills to achieve a favorable resolution for your case.

What is it that sets us apart from the rest?

We speak your language - in every meaning

When explaining the legal matter to you, our attorneys will tone down all the legal jargon and and explain matters in a straightforward, non patronizing manner, answering all your questions and making sure you have a clear understanding of what’s going on. Moreover, our attorneys are fluent in Vietnamese and Chinese, which helps us address cases where clients appreciate the communication in their native language.

We work as a team

All our attorneys are professional, eager and experienced. So when they bring their skills together, they are one the best legal team in the state. Your case will be handled by more than one lawyer - which means, you’ll can call on the knowledge of several keen legal brains! And every trial and legal hearing we work on is attended by the entire team. So, will be getting a lot more expertise than you pay for!

Expertise in a number of areas

While Law Offices of Phuong Kim Nguyen has a special focus on the Immigration, our professionals offer a full range of services, in various fields. So, no matter what legal challenges you face throughout the years, Law Offices of Phuong Kim Nguyen will be there, as a dedicated legal partner you can fully trust.

Free Consultations

While we aren’t the only firm offering free legal consultations, ours will leave you confident that you’re in the best legal hands.

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